Dangerous Grounds

Dangerous grounds? Safety experts push for mandatory labels on flooring, watch more coverage on this
Fox6 News Exclusive.

Dangerous Grounds
Urban Ecology CenterSustainable Polished Floor

Floorcare USA is featured in Polishing Contractor Magazine for installing a polished concrete floor in the Urban Ecology Center that contributes to the facility's Sustainability message.

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Floorcare USA was featured in Polishing Contractor Magazine for the amazing black polished concrete floors installed in a local Wisconsin couples dream home.

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We ask Dan Watring Jr of MSI General what it has been like working with Floorcare USA for the last 15 years?

working with floorcare usa

Floorcare USA

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Since 1967, Floorcare USA has been the trusted floor coating partner in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Our products protect your floors from dirt, wear and hazardous chemicals. Easy to clean, coated floors show your business is committed to a clean, safe work environment.  Our 100% solid epoxy coatings and urethane finishes can expand your customer base, increase employee morale and productivity, minimize accidents and downtime and reduce lighting and utility bills.

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