Urethane Modified Cement | Milwaukee Brewery

For this high-end Milwaukee Brewery and beer processing, production and manufacturing facility their concrete floors are a critical component to their operations.

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Urethane Modified Cement | Madison, WI

When a Madison, WI bar and restaurant was looking for the perfect coated concrete flooring system for their new kitchen and bar space, the sought out Floorcare USA, Inc., of Waukesha, WI.

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MMA Flooring System | Brookfield, WI

When a national restaurant chain was opening up one of their first restaurants in Brookfield, Wisconsin they decided to partner with Floorcare USA, Inc., out of Waukesha, WI to provide for the perfect kitchen floors.

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Testing Services

Floorcare USA provides a wide array of the most important concrete testing services in the industry for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the State of Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and throughout the United States.

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Static Dissipative | Menomonee Falls, WI

When a high-end manufacturing client in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin that engineers sensitive electronic components was looking for the perfect epoxy coated concrete flooring solution they turned to Floorcare USA for the solution.
Static charge on concrete floors and manufacturing floors can be a challenge for any engineering and manufacturing firm.
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Polished Concrete | Madison, WI

An owner of a new restaurant in the Madison, Wisconsin area was looking for the perfect flooring system for his new restaurant and bar space.
Food, beverage and restaurant/bar facilities are notoriously hard on their floors.
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Concrete Awareness & Testing | USA

Slip & falls and tripping in your place of business, warehouse, manufacturing facility or public space can be a really painful and expensive issue.
Floorcare can help you with all your concrete flooring needs, we can also help with the safety of your facility in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and the Fox Valley.

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Polished Concrete | Milwaukee, WI

Not all polished concrete flooring installers in Wisconsin are the same and Floorcare USA brings a unique approach to polished concrete projects in the State of Wisconsin. When a high-end medical facility was looking for the perfect form & function flooring system for their new commercial office facility in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area they decided to partner with Floorcare USA, Inc., on a polished concrete flooring system.

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Epoxy Coated Concrete | Milwaukee, WI

When a Heavy Duty Manufacturing client in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was looking for the right epoxy coated concrete flooring system they knew the right partner: Floorcare USA.

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Safety is # 1 with Floorcare USA, Inc.

With the winter months upon us, slips and falls tend to increase. Standing water on concrete from melting snow can cause safety concerns. Slips and falls not only cause injuries, but cost business owners millions of dollars annually. Identifying floors with low traction before a slip and fall occurs, can prevent injuries and costly law suites.

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