Decorative Concrete Flooring System | Milwaukee, WI

When a local community center in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area was looking for the perfect flooring system for their new lobby and reception area they sought  a decorative concrete flooring system that offered the following attributes:

  • Durable concrete floor surface
  • Beautiful concrete floor surface
  • Easy to clean concrete floor surface
  • Completely unique, one of a kind concrete floor surface

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Testing Services

Floorcare USA provides a wide array of the most important concrete testing services in the industry for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the State of Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and throughout the United States.

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Waukesha Brewery | Stained & Urethane MC Concrete

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a rich brewing history and when a new craft brewer in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha, Wisconsin wanted to open up a new facility they called on Floorcare USA, Inc., to help them with their concrete floors.
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Stained Concrete | Brookfield, WI

When a homeowner in Brookfield, WI was looking for a completely unique, one of kind flooring system in their beautiful Wisconsin Home, they contacted Floorcare USA, Inc., of Waukesha, WI for suggestions and ideas.
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Safety is # 1 with Floorcare USA, Inc.

With the winter months upon us, slips and falls tend to increase. Standing water on concrete from melting snow can cause safety concerns. Slips and falls not only cause injuries, but cost business owners millions of dollars annually. Identifying floors with low traction before a slip and fall occurs, can prevent injuries and costly law suites.

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Decorative Concrete | Madison, WI

When a high end Madison, Wisconsin restaurant was looking for the perfect concrete flooring system they counted on Floorcare USA, Inc., to deliver the perfect artistic concrete flooring system.

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Decorative Concrete | Brookfield, WI

When the owner of a beautiful home in Brookfield, Wisconsin wanted a new stained concrete floor for their home, they knew just whom to call: Floorcare USA, Inc.
Floorcare met with the Brookfield, Wisconsin home owner and had detailed conversations about exactly what the client envisioned for their home.

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Decorative Concrete | Stained Concrete | Wisconsin |

When a Fox Valley restaurant owner was looking for the perfect floor to compliment the contemporary floors in his new facility, he knew Concrete Stain and Floorcare USA would deliver the perfect look and performance he was seeking.

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Stained Concrete | Milwaukee Wisconsin | Residential

When a client decided to build a beautiful, high-end concrete home they knew exactly what they wanted for floors: Stained Concrete.

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Urethane Top Coating | Concrete| Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A Milwaukee area manufacturing company was looking for ideas their concrete flooring needs, the turned to Floorcare USA for installation expertise and their employee’s for the theme.

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